Ever since starting my journey into sculpting I have been looking into all of the different ways of making eyes. I personally love the look of glass. They look super realistic, and are hard to beat in comparison with other methods- like painting for example (my opinion of course).

At least until I have seen the painted eyes of the lovely porcelain artist Diane Effner

Take a look at these!

They are so pretty. I can’t believe it is painted!! Apparently a lot of sculptors do this- because if you have worked with eyes before they tend to shift while you are sculpting and if you use a blank clay round as an eye and paint it afterwards it will save you some time.

I myself tend to favor series baking-First I make my armature, add a thin layer of clay over armature, Bake, set eyes in clay, Bake.. This way I don’t smoosh parts that I like. I have a small convection oven that I use instead of my household oven. Baking is quick- no preheating and it turns off itself when finished (no burnt sculpts)!! I love it!!

Am I going to try to paint the next one of my babies? No, probably not. I can’t even get myself to finish the poor arms of my clay baby in progress. 🙂 heh! But I could dream can’t I?

While I am on the subject of eyes, if you are a beginner and don’t want the huge financial investment that is glass eyes, why not make your own?

Here is another wonderful eye making tutorial for a domed eye (just like glass)!! I actually think that these are better because glass is known to cloud over time whereas these are made of a polymer clay just like your baby! Great for the teeny mini babies that you can’t find the glass eyes for too!

Free tutorials on the same site include making iridescent fairy wings and wired butterfly wings for some chubby baby fairies!! All tutes here: eye tute


As always, feel free to ask any questions by submitting a comment!