Baby Ava

Full Body Micropreemie Silicone Baby

I love how she cuddles up to you when held. You’ll see what I mean when you hold her!!!

Jennie Lee


Sculpted, molded and poured by Jennie Lee, Weebabies Nursery is excited to introduce little micropreemie yawner Ava.

Baby Ava is a full body micropreemie yawning baby doll that is
super soft and floppy. Ava features a flexible neck which allows her
to turn side to side without a ball-joint (she is poured in one piece
with no glue or seams whatsoever).


  • Super soft and floppy mix of the highest grade platinum silicone with no additives added
  • Flexible neck turns side to side with no ball joint, poured in one piece with no glue or seams whatsoever
  • Soft core belly and bum
  • Drink and wet system installed prior to her pour
  • Teeny Tiny lifecast hands and feet from a real baby
  • Directionally monorooted with the highest quality newborn soft mohair (Slumberland dark brown and light brown mohair)
  • Carefully painted with highest quality permanent silicone paint with realistic undertones, mottling & veining including realistic details such as her milia, newborn pimple, milk tongue
  • Permanently matted to a silky smooth finish (feels like real baby skin!) I use a special silicone powder made from silicone so it bonds to the baby.
  • Open mouth with realistic milk tongue (fits modified Paci and micropreemie bottles-included)


eBay Auction for Baby Ava will begin at 1PM PST on Saturday, September 8th.






Super Soft & Floppy Mix of Platinum Silicone for Realism



Body: 15 inches tall with bent legs




3 lbs, 8 oz.