Baby Luna


Full Body Silicone Micro Preemie 






Luna has a special flexible neck for ultimate poseability without a joint!

Jennie Lee


Introducing little micropreemie Luna. She’s 15 inches long with bent legs, and weighs 3 lbs 3 oz. She’s poured in one piece with no glue whatsoever. She has a flexible neck so her head can turn side to side and stay put. She has the drink and wet system and can pee when she drinks water! Look for her on eBay soon!


  • Realistic micropreemie skin tones, shading and veining
  • Custom designed neck that allows head to be turned side to side without joint 
  • Drink and Wet System installed prior to pouring
  • Poured in one piece, no glue whatsoever
  • Super soft and  floppy Eco 20
  • Directionally micro rooted Slumberland mohair in a realistic newborn style



An eBay Auction for Luna Prototype #2 
Painted by Sabrina Hergarten  
has concluded










Body: 15 inches tall with bent legs




3 lbs; 3 oz