For those of you that have been following my blog for a while I have been sculpting for a few years now. A week ago one of my lovely customers is selling a ooak silicone baby she purchased a while ago. She let me know that some ladies messaged her to ask to see more photos of the doll and were accusing me of molding doll kits from well known artists.

One one hand I suppose it’s a compliment because they are saying my limbs look good enough to be a copy. On the other hand it’s extremely hurtful since I have really worked hard to get my sculpting to where it is. I am very hyper critical of my own art, and I am constantly trying to improve and get better.

I hope it shows as such and that’s why other people are bothered by it enough to make hurtful comments. Anyhow- I’ll be posting a time lapse video soon of my sculpting to show my work in progress. 😛