Baby Hope

Full Body Silicone Micro Preemie

Hope is a realistically sculpted 28 week old micro preemie baby!

Jennie Lee


Sculpted, molded and poured by Jennie Lee, Weebabies Nursery is excited to introduce Baby Hope. Hope is a solid silicone full body micro preemie, sculpted to a realistic 28 week gestation micro preemie. She’s poured in a super soft platinum Eco20 without the use of any additives, painted with the highest quality silicone paints, and matted with a special silicone powder for a smooth, silky finish that feels just like real baby skin!

She is cast in one piece without any seams or glue whatsoever.


  • Realistic micropreemie skin tones, shading and veining
  • Custom designed armature that cannot be felt but allows for articulation
  • Open mouth (fits unmodified micro preemie paci)
  • Completely seamless, permanently matted to be silky smooth.
  • Directionally micro rooted Slumberland mohair in a realistic newborn style


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Body: 15 inches tall with bent legs

Head Circumference: 10.5 inches



2 lbs 10 oz