Baby Rumi

Full Body Preemie Silicone Baby

Rumi has a special flexible neck, she is poured in one piece without a ball joint or any glue of any kind but her head turns side to side and stays in place as she is posed.
Jennie Lee


Sculpted, molded and poured by Jennie Lee, Weebabies Nursery is excited to introduce Rumi.

Baby Rumi is a preemie sized full body silicone doll that is super soft and floppy.  Rumi has been molded with my molding technique that is completely seamless. There are no seams anywhere on her. Her silicon is smoother and buttery self – no lumps or bumps at all.  


  • Super soft and floppy mix of the highest grade platinum silicone with no additives added
  • Custom made armatures so her arms and bend and hold position
  • Flexible neck turns side to side with no ball joint, poured in one piece with no glue or seams whatsoever.
  • Realistic mouth featuring that fits a standard pacifier or bottle
  • Drink and Wet system installed prior to pouring
  • Gorgeous mono-rooted (one hair in each follicle) hair by Lazara Brito. SO real and so very soft!
  • Carefully painted with highest quality permanent silicone paint with realistic undertones, mottling & veining (including a scratch on her brow)
  • Permanently matted to a silky smooth finish (feels like real baby skin!) I use a special silicone powder made from silicone so it bonds to the baby.
  • Open mouth with tongue (fits preemie pacifiers and bottles)



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Super Soft & Floppy Mix of Platinum Silicone for Realism




Body: 16 inches tall with bent legs

38 Week Gestation Size



6 lbs