Baby Leia

Full Body Silicone Baby

Bringing her to life has taken many, many, hours of careful painting with the highest quality silicone paint products.

Jennie Lee


Leia is a limited edition full body silicone baby doll sculpted, poured and painted by Jennie Lee of Weebabies Nursery. She is a 0-3 month old baby size, weighing 11 lbs, 11 oz and is 19 inches long.  Her sculpture itself took over a year and a half to finish and made to look as realistic as possible.  Little details from her chubby hands and feet were sculpted from photographs for realism, and carefully molded to preserve all her details.

Leia is poured in my custom soft marshmellow blend Ecoflex 20 silicone blend for softness and poseability. 

Each silicone baby is handmade from scratch from start to finish, so no baby will be exactly alike, making her truly unique and original. 

All photographs are taken in natural light with no modifications to the photographs. We tried our best to get accurate coloring, but it’s difficult to capture the realism and detail in her skintone.  

Leia is molded with my seamless molding technique in one piece and does not have seams whatsoever. Her “skin” is smooth and buttery soft. No lumps and bumps!



  • Super soft and floppy mix of the highest grade platinum silicone with no additives added
  • Flexible neck turns side to side with no ball joint, poured in one piece with no glue or seams whatsoever
  • Drink and wet system installed prior to her pour
  • Carefully painted with highest quality permanent silicone paint with realistic undertones, mottling & veining (including a scratch on her brow)
  • Permanently matted to a silky smooth finish (feels like real baby skin!)  I use a special silicone powder made from silicone so it bonds to the baby.
  • Open mouth with tongue (fits pacifier)
  • Detailed hands and feet

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Super Soft & Floppy Mix of Platinum Silicone for Realism



Body: 21 inches tall with bent legs



11 lbs, 11 oz