Sorry for the lack of posting guys- I have been undergoing alot of physical therapy and it has been pretty crappy. 😉

But anyhow, we must get better- no pain no gain!!

Poor little Katelyn’s mom last minute decided she couldn’t afford her so I posted her up for a buy it now price on ebay instead. She will be on ebay for a week.

On sculpting news, I received a couple of emails asking how I apply hair on my sculpts.

I simply rub a sculpting oil on the top of the head and imbed the mohair into the newly softened clay. Now remember- if it is a newborn baby don’t add too much mohair! It must be sparse. Also pay attention to hairlines of the month of baby you are trying to achieve.

If you are curious about rooting hair into a clay baby- here is a great tutorial!

Here’s a screenshot:

The best part of a rooted baby head is that it is brushable and stylable!! The only caveat is that it is harder to make a newborn sparse head of hair without looking like hair plugs. 🙂

Here’s the link on the tutorial!!