Presenting, my very first One Of A Kind (OOAK) Polymer Clay Baby, Joshua.
I was aiming for a girl, but this little boy came out instead.  I know, I may be a bit biased, but he is adorable! It really looks like a little boy sleeping in my hands.

I still think it sounds funny talking about “making babies..”
My two year old told someone the other day that I lay in bed all day making babies.  How embarrassing.

Well, enough blabbing. Here he is!!

Born March 1, 2011
9 inches long
comes with his cute little sleeper, hat and blanket set by Nascarfanz
a white onesie with green polkadots made by me
custom pacie made by me
one of my primitive handsewn mohair animals like this lil’ bunny girl:
She will be wearing a matching necktie to Joshua.
He’s now on ebay looking for his forever mommy!! I hope some one will fall in love with him like I did.  He really is difficult to part with!