Its been a while since I have shown one of my one of a kinds. There are two sitting next to my bed that are almost all finished, but I am unsure about the limbs. This girl (hopefully) decided to emerge out of the clay last night!

Excuse the grainy camera phone photo- I was excited that I have finally gotten the skull in the right shape!! Now this baby is still unpainted, and unfortunately limbless- I am going to try to make more realistic looking limbs this time. Wish me good luck! 🙂

While I am on the subject, Pat Moulton has new armatures in her shop that are the actual shape of a fetal skull! That should make things so much easier on us sculptors eh?

See the slope down from the back top of the head to the front? You can’t see it here, but the brow bone is also important to study. I will try to draw a diagram soon so you can see what I mean.