Okay I found this site and I HAVE to share it with you guys!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE free things.  I feel like I hit a miniature jackpot! 🙂

AIM (Artisans in Miniature) offers FREE web issues of EVERY single issue of their magazine!! You can even print them out!

Each issue includes tutorials on making your own miniatures, sections for kids to make their own miniatures, and it’s totally awesome! Best part is, it’s written by contributions from the artisans themselves!

Miniatures have always been my favorite thing since I was little. It’s like peeking into a different world!

Sigh, anyhow. Here’s the link to Artisans in Miniature Magazine back issues.  The May issue is out already!

Check out the September 2010 issue, where it features miniature clay baby dolls, has teeny teeny baby doll sweater and pants knitting pattern, along with a sewing pattern for teeny tiny sailor boy and girl clothing!! So, so, so adorable.  I just can’t take it.  It also features some wonderful artists creations!

I don’t know how they make these creations on such a small scale!!