Sadly, I will be having to depart with this adorable little girl.  I had received two of these last Christmas, and originally thought they would be sisters, but alas- bills must be paid and this baby girl will be on ebay.

If by the off chance you do not know what a BJD is, it stands for ball-jointed doll.  They are beautiful poseable jointed dolls with ball bearings for movement.  They are usually made of a resin, and come in ALL sizes. Theres a huge market for them, and a ton of cute ones.  My favorites are the Lati Yellow size and Pukifee (small little fairies?)  If you’d like more info, join Den of Angels forum.
There you can learn everything about different sizes, and even buy/trade clothes and dolls. It’s highly addicting! You have been warned.  I am not responsible for the amount of money you will now spend on collecting those as well.