Yes, I know I haven’t even finished the clothing for my newest sculpt, but watching all the videos from sculptuniversity I had to sculpt a lil one. A teeny weeny little one.

I like looking at sculpts in progress, so I thought I’d share this little one.



It’s still missing a mouth, and some more clay atop his/her head. Oh, and ears and perhaps a body. 🙂

What do you all think?

Also- FYI for the newbies, this is just the freshly baked head. I bake my sculpts in stages (series baking). Some people use a heat gun to “surface bake” the areas they like so that they can’t squish it. I just bake them in my lil’ oven. After the face is made I add more clay for the hair and ears so that I don’t squish the face as I sculpt the rest. Hope that makes sense!