Since I have been out for a while and have been unable to share my own thoughts and ideas, I thought I would share some more of my favorite links! :0)

An amazing animal sculpturist Kerrie Pajutee – she makes amazing animal sculptures with glued on fur (flocking).. Look at these pretties!! SO lifelike!

She has beautiful tutorials that you can buy from her website directly- for an English Springer dog for $15.95 (which in my opinion is worth the price to learn the technique).

Or a free tutorial on feather and flocking a gorgeous Conure Parrot on CDHM.

CDHM also has tutorials on:

Making a miniature basket:

Painting a face and doll eyes:

Making gorgeous fantasy film wings for your sculpt!

And weave a baby moses basket for your miniature baby!!

There are a bunch MORE tutorials! Visit CDHM (Custom Houses, Dolls and Miniatures)

After visiting Kerri’s site and learning about flocking, you can use Aleah Kay’s tutorial on CDHM and feather and flock your very own Corgi dog!

Look at those puppy eyes!! How can you resist?