I have received quite a bit of questions asking about armature- which I have talked about before, but the very best advice that I can give is to study a few infant skull images to see how a baby’s head should be formed.

Here is a couple good ones of how the fetal skull looks like:

skull 2


The most important parts to note are how much skull is above and behind the baby’s face. I see a lot of beginners who sculpt such beautiful faces and the skull shapes are incorrect making it look more like a doll rather than a realistic looking baby doll.

So, my armature is built exactly to the shape of a infant skull. The shape of the head is nearly accurate. This way, I use less clay and the sculpt is more secure in strength. When you make an armature and it is too small what happens is that you have to add more clay to the parts that aren’t built in your armature and this ends up making your sculpt heavier, and unbalanced when you place it on the body.

Next time I make an armature I will show you all how it looks so you can learn by seeing. 🙂

I hope this helps some of you! 🙂