As I finish up my many unfinished babies, let me entertain you with some more proportion charts. 🙂

This is one of the best in my opinion- as it has measurements of all of the necessary parts of a newborn baby.  If you’d like to make a smaller baby, just divide by how small you would want your finished baby to be.

Easy!  Now you will have the exact measurements for the arms, legs, chest, shoulder, belly button- everything!! 🙂

What would you guys do without me?

Meanwhile- if you are sculpting along with me- try visiting  Truly Sweet OOAK dolls to learn to sculpt a miniature baby 1/12 size.  You can of course apply the same knowledge to sculpt a larger baby.  I found if you practice on making mini babies in the beginning, larger babies seem so much easier.

truly sweet dolls finished 2 inch baby 

Of course, if you are easily discouraged in the beginning, I would suggest the opposite- start big (because it’s easier), and work your way down to a smaller scale.

Her tutorial is very good, she gives good foundation about baby proportions.