I have been gathering as much information as  I can about anatomy and proportions of a baby so that my sculpts can be as accurate as possible. It really makes a huge difference in how realistic a baby looks!

I’m sharing some of the charts that I use when sculpting. As I gather more I will be sharing those as well. Enjoy!

Note: all of these images come from vintage drawing/sketching books, and therefore their copyrights have expired and are free domain.

I have much MUCH more- if there are certain body proportion charts you would like to see- please let me know!! 🙂

Click the image for a larger view.

Proportions of a baby’s face. Note that the midline of the face is at the eyebrow- not at the eyes. The eyes aren’t the midline of a baby’s face until about three-five months old.

Proportion of a baby’s body. Most often used when measuring the size of hands, arms and legs in relation to the sculpts head. 


Lovely images and sketches of ears, and even a elf ear!! I use this a lot along with images of real baby ears when sculpting


Images of baby eyes and relation to the rest of the features of the  face.