I should have known that when I set a date for something- something else always comes up.

All that planning and blogging about my babies to come, and I’m still working on them. Why? I don’t want to rush them out simply because I made a date. I would rather be late than to rush and sell a haphazard baby.  I really LOVE doing this.  Making a tiny (hopefully real looking) baby out of  block of clay is just so amazing to me.

As many of you know (or not know) I have severe back pain and some other problems due to an accident last year.  That coupled with my little son having asthma symptoms every time he is sick has left me extremely tired.

I can’t help it. As a mother I worry every time he gets sick.  Especially when he is wheezing all night long.  I stay up all night and watch him to make sure that he’s fine.  I’m so tired, but it’s so worth it.

I love being a mother.  Ever since I was little I wanted to be a mother- making little baby dolls and carrying them around.

Even though it has been tough; with my eldest having ADHD- I still feel a sense of accomplishment with them.  I am SO proud of my two boys.

Sometimes my heart pangs for a little girl, but after that accident I don’t know if my body could support one.  That hurts a lot.

SO. I guess I will have to make a ton of little girl clay babies to make up for one. 🙂

I promise they are coming- just like real babies you won’t know when. 🙂