A lot of people have been asking how to smooth your sculpts after baking. It’s easiest to do it before baking, however I do these steps after I sculpt anyways.  I like a smooth baby!! 🙂

For smoothing before baking- I  use a short bristle paintbrush to smooth my sculpt (just use a dry brush and run it over and over the rough areas.  That and my fingers. That’s it.   I don’t like to use the Sculpey drops because it gets sticky and I get fingerprints all over it. 😉

I know it’s a horrible photo- but these are Seeley’s Green Clean brushes.  They are firm- smoothing brushes made for smoothing porcelain dolls.  They work incredibly well.  I have the Medium and Small sizes.  I bought mine on ebay- but the seller doesn’t seem to sell these any more.  Google it and I found some sellers. 🙂



I like my babies with a smooth appearance. You don’t have to sand your babies if you smooth the sculpt well enough before baking. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 1:  Use a medium grit sandpaper (find at Walmart, Target or hardware stores)- or a nail sanding block.   File the surface of arms and legs and large areas of the head.  DO NOT FILE the fine details of the face or wrinkles or it will ruin the details you worked so hard for!

Step 2: Use a fine grit sandpaper and run over the same areas you filed with the medium grit- to clean up the piece.  Don’t worry about the white areas you are causing by filing.

Step 3: I use Wilton and Newton’s brush cleaner (yes, brush cleaner) and wipe it on the entire baby. You can buy these at Michaels or Hobby Lobby in the paint section.  Trust me. It’s THE BEST.  Rinse your sculpt and wash your hands after using the brush cleaner. Let it dry.