You ever have some days when you just feel exhausted, tired, and out of breath?

And then this little boy looks up at you and tells you that you are his best friend. (he is three)! Sigh. Sometimes that its all it takes!

I digress, anyhow, I have mentioned one of my favorite forums is dollfan. There is a ton of info on there. To join costs $12 for six months- but if you don’t want to post and just browse and read it is free!! It’s a great place to chat, buy and sell all types of dolls; vinyl, silicone, OOAK’S and resins!

My two favorite places are the sculpting forum for sculpting tips-TONS of free information by some lovely people. Learn to sculpt hands and feet, and best of all, get opinions from other sculptors before you bake!! My other fave is the OOAK’s for sale. I love looking at other artists work. It inspires me to sculpt better!

My latest find on dollfan is a FREE tutorial from the lovely Elisabeth Townsley on making those little pacifiers you see on minis all of the time. Here is one of her babies wearing one:

Baby by Elisabeth Townsley wearing custom mini paci!

Adorable!! These usually sell for $18 for four on ebay, so save some money and make your own!! Her tutorial is HERE!

While you are there, check out her adorable mini babies!!