I just found out two days late that I have been nominated for my first online doll competition!!

My very first clay baby “Joshua” has been nominated for TBAAF (Teddy Bear Artist and Friends) annual bear and doll competition!! 🙂 I am so very happy and cannot contain my excitement.  To just be nominated for the competition exciting enough! For those who read this blog! Please vote for Joshua or cheer him on! 🙂  He is in the “Sculpted Doll” category.

Joshua my first clay baby

Also, if you love miniature doggies, my teeny weeny miniature pug Barkley has been nominated for the “Dogs and Cats” category!  If you’d like to vote for him or cheer him on, please stop by TBAAF!

Barkley my MINI pug. Tee hee. 

There are instructions for those who aren’t members and would like to vote- but if you are interested in making bears and dolls- do JOIN!  There are free teddy bear patterns and a lot of lovely people to chat with! It’s super fun.  Take a look around at the amazing nominees of all of the categories! There is even a “Reborn Doll” category! As well as a ton of adorable bears and animals!

If you’d like to vote for Joshua: http://www.teddy-bear-artists-and-friends.com/sculpteddollcategory.htm

If you’d like to vote  for Barkley: http://www.teddy-bear-artists-and-friends.com/catdogcategory.htm