Guess who I found in my clay? I found two little babies!!

I don’t know why I always have two in the works together instead of working on one at a time. 🙂  My favorite part of sculpting is the faces/heads.  Each one is unique and has his or her little personalities!  The hardest part is to get them realistic looking.   I rely on a ton of photos I have gathered from online ( I have over 3000!) of real babies from photo stock sites.

I concentrate on every little wrinkle, the shape of the body to try to make every little body unique, and real looking.

I have found that the hardest part of making the clay babies is trying to figure out a body that works for me.

This is how I do my bodies now:

Ignore my horrible drawing!! 🙂 Click the photo to see the text.

Basically I use sterling silver wire and make my own jewelry headpins.  They are not very big at all, so they can fit through the fabric.  Those headpins are connected to each other by an elastic inside the body (Arms to arms, legs to legs).   Does that make sense?

My only problem is that I want a more poseable body (right now only the arms, legs and head move)…  I am hoping that this armature Idea I have is workable. 🙂 If it does work, I will definitely post it her to share!

Tip: if you are using this body with the headpins, do add some liquid sculpey to where the circle of the headpin is peeking out- for extra strength.