As I promised yesterday, I have a few more free tutorials I found via Sculpt University.

sculpt university

Basic Baby Face Photo Guide *Freebie*
Fairy Face Tips *Freebie*
Bear Babies *Freebie*
Mermaid Tails *Freebie*
Great Hair Secrets *Freebie*
Basic Supplies *Freebie*
Raven Men – the Assembly of an Art Doll
Creating a Sturdy Armature *Freebie*
The Sculpting Workflow *Freebie*
Mixing Clay *Freebie*
Human Proportion Calculator

By far the best gem that I found was her link to the Human Proportion Calculator!! You can enter the size of the person that you are sculpting and they automatically calculate for you what size each measurement is by centimeters!! Ack! It makes sculpting so much easier!!

These are just a few of them!! She has 6 total pages of freebies that you can look at on her site for free. If you do subscribe to “Sculpt University” it costs $59.99 a month for your first month and $29.99 a month thereafter for unlimited use of her tutorial videos and site. From her free material that she is just giving away it looks to me as if it’s worth it if you want to learn about sculpting the items listed on her site. 🙂 I may try it for a month and share with you all if it’s worth signing up!

For now, visit Sculpt University and look under her freebies link up top to see what else you can learn!!

Knowledge is power my friends! Study what you can especially if it’s available for free!