I’ve had babies on my mind for a while now.  My little baby boy is turning 3 soon, and I really miss the little little baby stage.  He is now jumping, talking, singing, asking questions- which is a really fun stage. BUT I do miss the cuddles.

I think it’s also because I don’t know if my body can sustain a pregnancy due to my health condition.

For now, I will have to be satisfied looking at baby photos and creating clay babies.  Which don’t get me wrong, is tremendously satisfying.  Perhaps I should make some in silicone so that they are soft and cuddly as well!

AND I can stare at these:

(Excuse the cut down photo size, the originals were much too big. )

Ah. I feel better. Photos from one of my favorite children photographers: Beth Jansen.  I would love to take some  baby photography classes from her one day.  She has one in Miami coming up soon!

So colorful!! Makes anyone feel better.   If you are feeling down, check out her blog! If the sight of the chubby newborns in colorful surroundings does not cheer you up, nothing can!! 🙂