I have mentioned that I am currently working on a couple of mini babies- one of which will be for another raffle I will be doing in the next month or so.

The smallest of these babies is about 2 inches, and is a sleepy newborn who slightly resembles my son when he was a newborn.  I miss those tiny newborn feet, and the wrinkles galore.

Making these babies were inspired by browsing  Artisans in Miniatures‘ June issue.  If you have an interest in miniatures- take a gander at all of their free issues!!  Each one has free projects for those who are interested in making some miniatures and wonder how they do it.  It’s awesome and best of all, it’s all for free!!

My favorite issue is Issue 26, September 2010- it’s issue subject is on “Childhood Nostalgia”. Lots of little dolls, their teddies and toys- all in miniature!  AND free miniature knitting patterns for dressing your teeny tiny baby dolls.  Even including tiny sailor costume patterns for wee girls and boys.

I bought some miniature knitting needles and yarn from miniknitting.com- and I’m going to attempt to dress the little babes for their new mommies!  Wish my eyes good luck!