When I first got injured, I was on the internet a lot because there is not much else you can do from bed. 😉

It was on flickr when I first discovered OOAK (one of a kind) polymer clay babies. At the time I was collecting ball jointed dolls, and saw a lovely teeny tiny clay baby fairy on one of my flickr groups.

It was the lovely Lisa Halderman of www.lovinclaybabies.com.
She makes adorable tiny sculpts, a lot of them for memorials of little babies who have become angels.

little opened eyed boy

Sweetie in pjs

I was lucky enough to do a trade with her last year, and she sent me these gorgeous babies; a jointed fairy and a tiny sleeping baby fairy.

this one I adopted- a jointed baby fairy.

my little girls. Arent they sweet?

I started my sculpting journey shortly after receiving these two little ones. It has kept me sane in a very difficult time of my life! The fact that a tiny little doll can mean so much, not just to the average run of the mill collector – but to a greiving family who has lost a baby; that inspires me to no end.

I hope you all draw some inspiration from these babies..