With using air dry paints on my sculpts.

I absolutely love the look of Genesis paints due to the translucent look on my baby sculpts, but I loathe the 8 to 10 minute baking in between layers.  I typically do about five layers on each baby. Being in bed all day, it takes a lot of trips to my oven- which is a pain in the behind (or back..) 🙂

If you haven’t tried air dry paints- you must!! They AIR DRY (hence the name) and are acrylic paints.  They are also translucent when dry, and are permanent once set.   They dry fairly quickly, so when I was first starting I used an extender, to make the paint wet for longer.  I love the matte finish, and love that I shave off a lot of time NOT baking.   Also, love that you can thin the paint with just WATER!

Ones on the market specifically for reborning and sculptors are LDC (Little Dreams Collection) who has an amazing pic intensive FREE! tutorial by Debbie Henshaw of They Never Grow Up Nursery .  She also includes an free ethnic tutorial, and a free rooting tutorial!

Also on the market is Luminaire Air Dry Paints by ms61767 on ebay.  I bought mine from her first because she has a lower price point for starter kits, and I’m a bit of cheapskate.

You can also mix your own acrylic air dry paints, but make sure to buy archival or at least artist grade acrylic paints- not the cheapie 70 cent ones at Walmart.  The importance of this is that it’s light fast and fade resistant- so your baby’s coloring doesn’t fade over time.  Some artists on Doll-fan have tested them and they have lasted without fading for years!!   I bought a artist grade set from Michaels with a 50% off coupon, and hope I can make some time not throwing up to start MIXING!!

I’ll definitely share my mixing recipes here for my sculpting friends!