As most of you may know, I am a bit of a cheapskate. 🙂 I like to call myself “bargain friendly”.

When I first started sculpting (only a few short months ago), I was shocked by how expensive information in the form of tutorials are!!  It seems as though people are so secretive with their know how and don’t want to share.  If they do share, it comes at a STEEP price!

I have paid for a ton of tutorials- and sometimes learned nothing new. It’s so frustrating!

I was excited to find Dollmakers Dream– a sculptor who is happy to share her knowledge of sculpting for FREE!  All of the tutorials on her site are F-R-E-E!  So far, she has sculpting tutorials, painting tutorials, creating glass like eyes tutorial, and lots of reading info on making money on your sculpts, and selling on ebay etc.

Seeing her site has motivated me to create a FREE sculpting tutorial on sculpting a baby. 🙂  I’m currently working on it- and hope it will help a lot of new sculptors who are eager to start sculpting but don’t want to buy tutorials.  Finding sculpting has given me SO much- I hope that this helps others as well.

As for my baby sculpting- I haven’t produced very many babies lately- partially due to health, but MOSTLY because I have been hyper nitpicky about the babies that I have been making and aiming for perfection.   Frankly, many poor babies have not made the cut.   I am thinking that I am being too picky, and I think I’ll post some of their little faces up on here to see which ones mommys’ would like to adopt.

My problem is that I want them to look as realistic as possible- so that they look like real sleeping little babies, instead of … well, dolls.

The good news is- I finally think I have the technique down. There are at least a couple of them right now that are the best I have ever done.  🙂 I hope to share them with you all soon!  (this time for sure!)