I feel like I have actually given birth to a baby.  I am finishing this baby’s layette, working on a miniature 9-10 inch baby girl’s paint and packing up the raffle baby to go to her home in the UK. ..

Note to self: Please.. Please work only on one baby at a time.


Many of you probably don’t know my situation- I am bedridden most of the day while waiting for my fourth surgery. Until then, I lay in bed most of the day and sculpting these babies and working on them keeps me sane.   I bought this little lapdesk for computers and it rests on my chest while  I sculpt.

I don’t know how I would be doing mentally without these tiny clay fingers, toes and faces keeping me company.  I am young, yes (28) but my body right now is like an 90 year old.  Why 90? Well, because my grandmother is 91 and we have the same kind of issues. haha.  Well in the midst of all the pain, depression and other things it seems that my marriage has become affected as well.  My world is falling apart.  I am scared and sad all at the same time, and I feel incredibly alone.   I am thankful though that I found these clay babies because it gives me things to do so that I am not constantly thinking about all of the things that are happening to me.


The baby I hope to have up tomorrow is a full size preemie.  My second baby.  Her lil’ head didn’t take me that long at all. I worked hard improving my sculpting of the limbs- and I think I did a good job for my second baby.  I can see my work improving which is good.

For now I am calling her Annabelle.  Her layette is turning on super cute, and some of it is Easter related.  Here’s a crappy camera pic for those who want to see a sneak peek:

This is her without hair application. I am also debating whether or not to add eyelashes. She has the cute grumpy yet sweet newborn face that I love SO much.

My painting is turning out much better as well. She has the lovely newborn splotchy shades in three different shades-which looks amazing in person.  I love her full lips and I hope someone out there falls in love with her as I have.

This is also the first time I mixed clay colors for a darker skin color. I really love it! There are so many light colored babies out there, I thought a ethnic looking baby would be a good addition. 🙂