Let me preface this post to apologize to the readers who do not sculpt!! 😉 there will be more baby OOAK photos soon enough!

Found this illustration via google images while searching for images of a fetal skull.

Of course since it is an illustration it is exaggerated, however- I myself keep forgetting that in a fetal skull the top portion of the fetal skull is the widest part of the newborn head. I have been told that that is what makes a baby look like an actual baby and not an old man. Looking back at some of my baby heads sitting next to my bed, I need to correct quite a few of them!

Anyhow, here is another more accurate illustration of a fetal skull profile that shows the fontanels.

I hope this helps someone out there!

Off topic: I apologize to those who have been commenting on posts and have not received a response. I get a TON of junk comments a day selling Viagra and such.. Need to figure out how to filter the real comments from the fake ones!!