So as indicated in my topic title, the littlest boy and I have been very sick the past week and a half.

My older boy is like a cesspool for germs and brings home these wicked sicknesses from school.

Luckly the 2 year old is spry and recovers quickly from colds. He is running about like he is all better after a day and a half.

I have been coughing until my belly (and back) aches.. and with that came extreme nausea.  I couldn’t even watch tv or look at a computer screen- just sleep all day. It was THAT bad.  I have never been that nauseous in my life.  I thought I was dying.  I had to pray that I would be able to stand it.  No medication made it go away- and in fact even drinking water made me nauseous.


This morning I woke up worried it would be like the last couple of days and surprisingly I feel better right now. Cross your fingers everyone. 🙂  Of course, I have not eaten anything yet for fear of feeling the same.  However I did take a sip of water with my pills this morning and I feel okay so far.

Good thing too- as I have five clay babies in the works.  Why five?

Seems I have an obsession making baby heads and not working on their limbs.  I can do realistic looking limbs quite quickly- which is probably why I procrastinate. 🙂

Two of the babies are just waiting for paint and their handmade doe  suede bodies and are ready for new mommies!!

By the way- those who sew, Hancock fabrics has their doe suede for sale at $2.99 per yard!!

(doe suede in “butter” shade)

If you google for doe suede (for doll bodies making) people sell it for dollmaking at $20+ for a portion of a yard- not even one entire yard on doll making stores!!

I know. because I was one of the suckers who used to buy it for that price! Do it quickly because it looks like there is only one more color left. 🙂