I don’t know if it’s only mothers that get this feeling to pinch chubby legs when they see them- but my husband thinks it’s weird when I say that out loud. 😛

I know I am still new to the doll making world, but Bonnie Brown’s Sophia Madeline has THE CHUBBIEST legs I have seen on a reborn doll yet.

I absolutely am in love. I don’t know why there aren’t more out there. Who doesn’t LOVE a chubby baby?

AND the fact that Bonnie herself is such a talented and accomplished YOUNG! artist is simply amazing.

Take a look at this baby: Isn’t she precious?

I hope to have a kit of my own someday-but right now I am too busy being hyper critical of all of my work- which is why it’s taking So long for one baby to get out.   I keep finding imperfections that no one else in the right mind would notice.  I can’t help it.  I have a bit of disfunction when it comes to my crafting creations.

Soon, the baby will be out.  He has been waiting to make an appearance with about 6-7 other unfinished babies I am nitpicking about. 🙂  I just want the people whom adopt my babies to REALLY love everything about them.  It’s tough.