The other day I was at Barnes and Nobles and found an Anne Geddes book “Beginnings” for a bargain price of $14.95. Keep in mind this is a hardback, gorgeous book that used to cost upwards of $50.00!!!

Luckily, being the eternal spendthrift, I checked the price on Amazon before my purchase; and to my amazement- the book cost me $3.95 SHIPPED!!!

It is a beautiful book of newborn babies in gorgeous nature props and it is awe inspiring. Looking for inspiration for your next newborn sculpt? You can buy it for less than $5.00 on Amazon!! Worth it just to browse everytime you need a reference of baby poses, squishy new baby faces, and wrinkly baby fingers and toes…

Book is called Beginnings by Anne Geddes. Thought I would share in case some of you out there love babies as much as I do. 😉

In dolly news, hopefully soon I will have some exciting news to share!