Believe it or not I have another little one sculpting in progress!! 🙂

A little cranky newborn baby sculpt. My sculpt number 6.

I’m so proud! I really think my sculpting has improved tenfold since when I was sculpting last year. What’s my secret? There isn’t really a secret. It really is trial and error. You keep practicing, and then you just “get it”. It’s hard work- takes me hours to do one head when I know others could have just made a bunch of them. I really hope it shows in the work though. I am trying to perfect my sculpting, and I know that will take time. It can get frustrating. I don’t know how many times I squished heads because it wasn’t working out. That sounds funny. hah.

Anyhow, may I present to you my sculpt numero 6. Looks to me like a chunky little girl. YAY! You don’t know how hard it is for a mother of two boys to try to sculpt a girl!!


I’m so proud of her ears!!

cranky girl

She’s unsanded and unpainted right from my oven but I couldn’t wait to share. 🙂