I am not pregnant – unfortunately, but I do have a little boy sculpt that is about to be finished. He is quite cute with blue eyes and soft sparse brown hair.  I will hope to list him this week- and will end my sculpting absence. 🙂

For those of you who haven’t heard, Colliii is having their 2011 Reborning and Sculpting awards.  I think it would be fun to enter- although competition is SO tough!! There are so many awesome artists out there.  I am hoping to sculpt a full size and a miniature size to enter. 🙂 If you guys are sculptors or reborners out there- I encourage you all to enter!  This will be my very first year, and my very first competition.  EXCITED!!

On the nausea front- I have my ups and downs. I have lost a few lbs- not in a fun way- but have my schedule down to eating less before I lay down (which is a lot of the time since I am in bed all day).  This has helped, and I hope to get back to sculpting- it keeps me sane.

Pictures of the new sculpt coming soon.  Keep your heads up kids! 🙂