I make my own armatures.  I am still trying to figure out the best shape or form to do this.  When I figure something out that works for me- I will definitely share.

All I know is that  I started my sculpting journey without using a armature in my babies’  heads and that resulted in a ton of ruined (smushed)  faces, and a ton of frustration!

There are tons of different ways you can make your armature look like:

This one is Jack Johnston’s full size baby armature:

His 14-16 size doll armature:

Here’s Secrist’s version of their armature:

Lastly, Pat Moulton’s Armature:  (sorry for the tiny picture!)

Right now I make an armature in similar to Pat Moulton’s version, only without the neck- although that would  be a good idea. 🙂  All of them have good eye and nose placement!! Important and the hardest part for me to get the eyes aligned.

Her armatures are the cheapest, and include arms and legs- SO important in proportion!!

Baby’s Proportions:

ARMS: 1 1/2 Head length (not including neck) from armpit to fingertips, 1 3/4 from shoulder to fingertips

LEGS: 1 3/4 Head lengths (not including neck)

BODY: 2 Head lengths

That information took me tons of researching. Ha!

Now armed with that information, you can make your own armatures!!  I hope that the sellers of these armatures don’t get mad at me.  But right now- in this economy artists need to save money when they can!!

If you’d like to  donate the money you would have otherwise used to purchase armatures you can email me at….. just kidding!! 🙂

Hunnybuns has THE best free sculpting tutorial out there, and she includes how she makes and uses homemade armatures and store bought ones as well.  Very extensive tutorials!! Love her.

One last tip- when sculpting use a sharp sculpting tool and stick it in the base of the head armature (like a lollipop).   That way you have a handle to hold instead of squishing the features you painstakingly sculpted.

I recommend miniworlddoll’s sculpting stand– if you sculpt enough.  It  comes with two dowel sizes- small and large.  They are interchangeable and comes with a heavy base that doesn’t wobble.  I use it and I love it.  It’s easier for me since it frees both hands.

miniworlddolls sculpting stand $12.00 (call them first to see if it’s in stock)

Now if you have a husband that owns a drill, it’s easy to make.  Unfortunately my hubby is a computer geek and less of a hands on drill owning type.  🙂

Pat Moulton also carries a sculpting stand in either mini or regular size for $9.00 each.

What are you waiting for? Get sculpting!!