Every so often I get reminded that women can be so extremely catty to one another.  Why do we do this? I have no idea.  Recently I was reminded that sometimes we women can only see each other as competition.  In the doll world (which as you can imagine is full of women),  it can be apparent that although we all are together for a love of something – we have difficulty just showing “love” for one another.

Today, I am happy to say, disproves this theory for me entirely.  A collaboration among three women- an amazing sculpt by a woman I was so happy to “meet” online- Bonnie Sieben,  A silicone doll kit cast by yours truly in a soft squishy platinum Eco 20 silicone, and finally brought to amazing lifelikeness by the amazing Kristie Carwithen of the Dainty Loft.

We three women, have been able to bring this baby girl to life and work happily with love and extreme admiration of each others work.  This girl sold for a record breaking $11,101.99 for a cloth bodied silicone baby on eBay today.

I cannot believe how tremendously well she has done and I am so happy for all three of us.  Not only is this a wonderful collaboration among three different artists- we have shown that it’s possible to be friends in this “dolly world.”  This means to be honestly supportive of one another and see each other as contributors to this “art” that we all love.