My crafting journey started when I was a child. I have fond memories as a child watching intently as she created new, wonderful things out of simple piece of fabric or yarn.

I started sewing and drawing babies when I was five. I carried these raggedy mismatched button eyed babies everywhere I went.

When I was nine you could find me slumped over creating miniature doll houses out of brown paper bags, scissors and bottles of elmers glue.

When my eldest son was born I taught myself how to crochet lil’ beanies for him.

Crochet led to knitting, which lead to spinning my own yarn (yes, I am a spinster).

My friend and I started our own doggie apparel store when we were in college. I would knit the sweaters, she would sew the shirts- and we sold to posh dog stores before the trend began.

After I got married to my husband I started making jewelry and eventually taught myself silversmithing (melting and creating silver and gold jewelry out of scrap silver/gold).

I started knitting baby hats and sweaters out of my own handspun yarn when my friends started to have babies- and sold these on etsy.

Then as people were asking where to buy my yarn, I sold my handspun yarn!

Finally I found myself in the world of miniatures. I was back to the world I was most interested in as a child. Armed with new techniques and knowledge, I entered in the world of mohair bears and animals. I won numerous Japanese awards for these bears, elephants, dogs, and rabbits.

Creating miniature bears led me craving smaller scale animals- which led me to needle felting from wool (Manipulating wool roving with a needle to a fiber sculpture).

All of the above crafts were done in my spare time. In between being a mom, a wife and working full time.

This past year I was severely injured – whilst laying in bed one day with my laptop- I discovered the world of polymer clay babies.
It has been months, and I have been immersing myself in everything I could learn about the subject. I truly feel that my whole career in crafting has led me here, full circle… to where I was when I was five- making little babies and carrying them around everywhere.

I am looking forward to the road ahead, and where these babies may take me.