Baby Katelyn

My first full body newborn-sized silicone baby!




Introducing my first full body silicone baby, Katelyn. Sculpted entirely out of clay, then mold, & cast into silicone myself. There are finished babies and blank silicone kits available.

Jennie Lee


Baby Katelyn

Sculpting Baby Katelyn was a labor of love.  I spent countless weeks sculpting her just right. Having found success with working with my first mini silicone baby on a prior sculpt, this one came out heavenly.
If you have never had a silicone baby before you are in for a treat! Dressing and holding these babies feel so real!! You do have to treat them like real babies- no pulling of limbs and support her head. 
This baby was cast in two pieces, I added a neck joint for support of her head so it’s not too floppy and then painstakingly seamed the neck so that you cannot even see the seam.  The “glue” used is the same exact silicone and will last as long as the doll does. If you look above you can see the neck joins. I think they look pretty seamless!
Katelyn has been painted with my own mix of silicone paints that will last. They will not be rubbed off or peel.  The only way to strip it off is to sand it off carefully.  She’s such a gorgeous mix of newborn shading and mottling.  She even has teeny veins and capillaries! 


Available Soon



Silicone – Ecoflex 20




20 inches tall




8 lb.; 4 oz.