Silicone Finishing Powder by Silicone Art Materials



This is my favorite powder to matte and powder my babies. I used to use powdered sugar or cabosil.  People have had issues with rodents chewing on dolls when using sugar.  Using cabosil requires a respirator and it leaves a blue hue on your dolls.

After looking for other options I found this powder. It is amazing! It was developed over a period of four years and made especially for silicone.

It’s made of SILICONE microspheres. It’s translucent- doesn’t leave a white hue or cast on your doll- or take away from the layers of paint you just painted.

Each microsphere is 1/3 the size of talcum or powdered sugar and therefore leaves a smooth, silky finish that feels like REAL baby skin.

I wish you could feel how soft and smooth it leaves your baby!!

This large jar is enough to powder and matte approximately 7 to 10 full body babies.


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Trial – (2 Grams), (8 Grams), (16 Grams), (20 Grams)


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