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This amazing kit comes in a set of six 7ml squeeze bottles of six different secondary colors.

These liquid silicone pigments are AMAZING!!! Used like silcpigs but comes in so many more colors and in liquid form for easier blending. Mix and match for unlimited color options!

Can be used as silicone pigment for intrinsically pigmenting silicone OR mix with your choice of silicone (dragon skin, psychopaint, Ecoflex, RTV silicone) to use as silicone paint.

This 6 set kit of 7ml bottles includes all of these colors:

6 secondary colors- Cold Red, Scarlet, Orange, Green Oxide, Cobalt Blue, Violet

You can mix and match any shades to create your perfect silicone paint. It’s liquid, so no more clumps in your paint.

Silicone Safe, High Performance, Non Toxic Artist pigments. Permanent and lightfast.

Dispersed in a “reactive” silicone fluid- it cross links with the platinum silicone matrix , binding with your choice of platinum silicones.

The result? Silicone paint you can’t even sand off!

I suggest mixing these with Psychopaint which you can buy here:

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