Baby Xiao Bao

My precious little Asian baby girl




She’s a solid silicone full body Asian newborn baby sculpted, molded, poured and painted by yours truly!

Jennie Lee

Xiao Bao

Sculpted, molded and poured by Jennie Lee, Weebabies Nursery is excited to introduce Xiao Bao (She-ow Bao) “Little Treasure.” Xiao Bao is a solid silicone full body Asian newborn baby. She’s poured in a super soft platinum Eco20 without the use of any additives, and painted with Factor2 extrinsic silicone paints which were designed for silicone prosthetics and are made to last. She has been permanently matted and it’s so silky smooth.

She is cast in one piece without any seams or glue whatsoever.


  • Realistic newborn skin tones, shading and veining
  • Custom designed armature that cannot be felt but allows for articulation
  • Removable umbilical cord and removable belly button (also in Eco20)
  • Realistic mouth featuring gums and tongue – fits an standard pacifier and bottle
  • Ball jointed neck for more posing capabilities
  • Directionally micro rooted Slumberland mohair in a realistic newborn style




Body: 16 inches tall with bent legs

Head Circumference: 15 inches

7 lbs; 3 oz