Baby Lexi - sculpted by Dawn Bowie

Seamlessly cast in one-piece and painted/rooted by Jennie Lee at Weebabies Nursery

Beautifully sculpted by Dawn Bowie, Lexi has been my first seamless casting of a full body silicone baby.

Jennie Lee

Baby Lexi

Sculpted by the lovely Dawn Bowie from the United Kingdom, this lovely chunky baby girl was cast in a soft and squishy Eco 20 Platinum Silicone with Fusefx intrinsic pigmentation and no additives whatsoever.   The silicone is created originally for prosthetics and is made to last decades.  She is innovatively cast by me at Weebabies Nursery using a technique that results in no seam lines or pour spouts whatsoever.  There is no glue/adhesives used in her – her head and body are cast in one piece.  She is a beautiful little girl!!   She is painted with a custom blend of silicone paints that is made and tested to last.  I am so confident in the quality of this doll that Weebabies Nursery provides a warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. I stand by my work 100%, and I love this baby girl to BITS!! 🙂 



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Ecoflex 20 – Platinum Silicone


21 inches


12 lbs; 12 oz.