making of a silicone doll

As I have ventured into this endless learning process into making silicone dolls I have found so many people are unwilling to share into their process in how they learned how to cast their dolls into silicone.

Along the way I have found an amazing select few that are open to their process and Lydia Yee is one of them.

Her blog “Silicone Baby Connection” has taught me quite a bit.

If you are interested in learning the process visit her blog!! :)

As for me, I’m learning something new everyday! Here’s the little one I just finished casting:

silicone little one

Unfortunately some things have to be changed and I modified her sculpt and remolded. Wish me luck in casting! :)

sculpting tutorial finds

So friends, I have gathered some more sculpting tutorials for you all. Quite a few people have been asking about some specific ones so I have been looking around for them. I thought I would share with you all what I found. :)

Sculpting a doll tutorial:

doll head tutorial

Sculpting a baby head video by Illeana J.

Some notable paid tutorials:


Rasbubby HIll

Aren’t her babies so adorable?!?

I think it’s well worth the price!

Stay sculpting my friends. :)

portrait sculpt work in progress

I’m so excited to share my very first portrait sculpt! It’s much more difficult than it looks that’s for sure!!

Here’s the little baby I found on google:


And here’s my little sculpt. :)


What do you think? Does it look alike? Keep in mind this little one is still unpainted and unsanded. Still has limbs to go!

I’m off to sculpt some chubby arms and legs!

sculpting light catching eyes tutorial

Found this gem of a tutorial on yesterday. I thought I would share since glass eyes are SO expensive especially when some of us need every dolly dollar! :)

sculpting light catching eyes

WIP and mini tools

I have been sculpting this little one:

asian baby

I can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl at the moment. I have to knit a little outfit and sew another one for him/her. Which by the way I am horrible at. Sewing is not my strong suit most definitely. :) One day I will conquer this sewing machine if it’s the last thing I do!

As for my sculpting, I have been working on a mini tutorial on sculpting fingers. I’m going to be posting it up on youtube for anyone who is learning how to sculpt.

The tools I am using are from AMCreatures on Etsy. He has graciously given us a discount code for 25% off of his tools with coupon code TOOLSONLY25. This is the set I bought:

You can buy the tools here:

I am using them specifically for the tinier babies as well as fingers and toes. They are amazing!!

I am saving up for a set of the super tiny ones for super miniature babies. :)

I’ll let you all know when the video is up on youtube for you all to watch.

teddy tutorial


I just found this adorable teddy bear tutorial perfect for a little lovey for a doll. :)

bear lovey tutorial

Adorable no?

Looks like they are using flocking to make the bear fluffy. You can buy flocking at Michaels or cut your own out of yarn.

Here’s the tutorial! Have fun!

little OOAK Clay baby for adoption

I worked on her video for quite a while last night. :)

But I finally have this little girl up on ebay including her little video on youtube!




Come visit her! She’s a little 7.5 inch bundle of love. :)


You can come see her video of her movement here:

baby face photo guide

found this cutie photo sculpting tutorial while browsing sculptuniversity today. I know you guys might be tired of me talking about all of the tutorials on there. :)

There’s a ton!

Anyhow, here’s a cutie girl.

baby face photo guide

You can find it here!


I have had quite a few people asking me about my sculpt William’s eyes.

The eyes I used were Kemper glass doll eyes. I use them since I first started sculpting and they work for me, so I haven’t tried another ones. :)

A couple days ago one of my fave sculptors Apryl Jensen made another free tutorial on her other site, making fairies on eye placement and I found it super helpful especially for placing eyes and eyelids when setting the eyes for a realistic sculpt.Eye tute

You can find the free PDF tutorial here!

Make sure to take a gander around her site! She has a ton of free tutorials and adds more weekly!!

baby bottoms

I have been sculpting a teeny mini full sculpt and I was looking up bodies on google when I found this gem. I couldn’t find the artist who posted it unfortunately.

I found it helpful, so I thought I would share! :)

baby bottom tute

Apryl Jensen also has a great tutorial on her site sculptuniversity of a baby sleeping on her belly too.

Happy sculpting!!