reborning beautifully..

I may be late in the game, but I just found some incredible FREE tutorials on painting a reborn.   She is dishing out all of her reborning tricks for free!! Look at the baby she created while making this tutorial!!

Look at all of those beautiful capillaries and the gorgeous mottiling!!  She looks so real. 

This wonderful tutorial includes instructions on how to paint baby hair, is it not amazing?? 

Look how realistic these nails are? 

You can find out how she paints the entire baby, including her secrets for mixing the paints to achieve this realistic baby! 

While you are there, check out her Reborn Supplier  List, her reference photos for both aa and caucasian babies,!

You can find the tutorial here.

Click on the photo you want to learn about- and click each subsequent photo so that you can read the text she has entered for you to read.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds. :)

I am definitely going to use her tricks on applying capillaries, perhaps use a pinky newborn color wash on my next baby, and definitely adding a “real skin” texture effect.


Favorite Sculpting links

I have had a lot of lovely people make wonderful comments about my babies on ebay recently. :) It makes me feel so happy and tingle inside- that people like my work. It makes me happy to be able to make some money doing this. I really love it.  Making clay babies keeps me SANE!

I have also had just as many newbies to sculptors ask me where I learned to sculpt.  Well, from a LOT of webbrowsing.  I am bedridden, so I spend a LOT of time on the internet.  Today I am going to share some of my favorite sculpting links out there on the webniverse.

Well known sculpting/reborning shop: Hunnybuns Nursery also has a WONDERFUL sculpting tutorial on full size babies, armature, AND an 8 inch baby.  She goes into detail about applying hair, which tools she uses etc. One of the most helpful ones out there- for sure.

She has an equally as important  “Basic Reborning Tips” that I use for a GENESIS painting tutorial.  It’s about mixing your own colors so you don’t have to spend so much money buying premade shades. :)  Use a mini version on your clay babies to make them much more realistic!  It’s worth the time invested as it shows through your work.

Trulysweetdolls has a cute tutorial on creating an adorable mini baby 2 inches long!! So sweet and tiny! It’s a full sculpt.   You can apply the way she makes her babies on a bigger full sculpt baby if you wish! Possibilities are endless!

Doll Annex has quite a few mini tutorials. From making mini baby heads, full size baby head, wigging and wing tutorials, doll onesie patterns, MOST IMPORTANTLY: BABY PROPORTIONS INFO!!  I can’t reiterate how important baby proportions are for a real looking baby.

As for some tips from me:

I am a beginner as well, but I think it will be fun to learn with one another!  If you are just starting as well, feel free to say hi and ask questions!!  We are all learning and it’s fun to learn from a group.

  • Don’t bake your sculpt the first chance you get.  Walk away and return with “fresh eyes” later on. You’ll see things differently.
  • If you wish to sculpt a realistic baby, study baby photos dilligently. Sculpt from that photo.  Don’t be afraid to start! If the sculpt doesn’t work out, you can always SQUISH. START AGAIN!
  • Go to google images and type in “newborn infants” or whichever age of babies you like best.  Save some images on your  computer to study from.
  • I think it was Patricia Rose who said that “fingers aren’t square.-  It’s the difference between a top sculptor and a mediocre one”.  That really resonates within me.  I don’t rush babies to sell asap.  I spend time with them- fix them and mold them until I am completely happy with my work.   I think it will show as such in my finished sculpts.
  • Finally, to be an expert at anything takes time and determination.  However- if you don’t make it fun, it’s not worth it.  If you like your first sculpt- bake it! Keep it for yourself.   Have fun learning how to sculpt.  If it ever gets frustrating (and it will) walk away and come back later!
  • Don’t buy a ton of sculpting tools it’s such a waste of money.  A set of clayshapers in the right size, and some household ones is all I use.  The more money you spend on tools doesn’t make you a better sculptor.  Trial and error does! :)
  • Again, I am a new sculptor just like you.  We can all learn together. Feel free to comment with your questions and I’ll try to get back to them asap.  I hope to have some tutorials on every aspect of baby doll making on this blog as well.   I truly believe in sharing knowledge.  It’s how we all learn and improve from each other!!

Also visit the sculptors forum at doll-fan- Tons of tutorials and techniques by  SUPER talented artists!! You will be amazed.  There is a charge of $12 per $6 months to POST on there, but NO CHARGE TO BROWSE AND READ.   If you are serious about sculpting and like the forum I would join.  BUT I suggest to first peruse around and see if you like the forum!!  I am cheap and like to save money.  :)

Enjoy the links!



Amazing Reborn Tutorials

I am still a brand new sculptor and amateur reborner, so all of the links I have gathered are all brand new to me.  I have a lot of sculpting and reborning videos, but I love online freebies!   It’s so interesting to see how everyone reborns differently.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites on my blog for those who are also learning, so we can all share in the wealth!

Here’s the best reborn tutorial  I have found.  Not only is she in detail of every step in beginning to end of her reborning, she also takes a ton of photos in the process.  She starts from cleaning the vinyl, all the steps of painting and then to rooting the doll!

Thanks Heartland Babies for sharing this wonderful tutorial for those of us just learning!

Link available here: Heart Land Babies

Another one of my favorites is:


She has a bunch of genesis painting tutorials as well as an extensive mixing tutorial for mixing your own genesis paint colors.  This saves us all of lot of money from buying premade shades as opposed to just buying the basic palette and mixing it yourself- much cheaper!!  Doll dollars are few and far in between, so any savings counts!!

Visit her website. You will learn SO much!!  From painting tutorials, to ways to  instantly improve your reborn doll tips, videos on reborning,  genesis paint tutorial, and my favorite: Special effect tech sheet one.  Funny name for a good technique for lifelike shading on a baby.

I sell the four piece kit to complete this technique on my ebay store, and hopefully soon- here on

In her tutorial, angelsunawares uses one size tool to make the rounded texture before applying other layers of paint.  My kit contains FOUR different sizes for a truly spectacular 3d look.  It’s also great for skin texturing minis and all size babies! Vary the size when  applying paint so it’s not all one uniform size. More lifelike look!

This is what the tool set looks like:

The complete set sells for $18.00 plus $4.95 shipping.   A steal, as usually one of these tools costs over $9. Mine comes in a package of four different sizes!

Email me @  if you’d like to get one!!

Enough shameless promotion.   I hope you enjoy the links I shared today, I have many many more to come!   Even if you don’t reborn, I believe painting your sculpts using portions of reborning techniques add to the authentic baby look to your sculpts.