Baby Xiao Bao

Newborn Asian Full Body Silicone Baby

Baby Katelyn

My first full body newborn-sized silicone baby!

Baby Sophie

My first cloth body silicone baby kit

Barkley the Bull Dog Pup

3 pounds of chubby cuteness!

Baby Mia

My first Silicone Mini Baby has arrived!

Baby Lexi - sculpted by Dawn Bowie

Seamlessly cast in one-piece and painted/rooted by Jennie Lee at Weebabies Nursery

Angel Vinyl Cloth Body Kit

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Xiao Bao Full Body Silicone Baby Prototype

SO sorry its been so long since I’ve been posting on here!  I’m more active on Facebook, as it’s much faster to post up on there- and less to type. While I have been away I have sold my first prototype of my own sculpt that I sculpted, molded, poured, painted and rooted myself (that’s a mouthful)! Introducing little Xiao Bao.  Her name means “Little Precious”.  She has a ball jointed neck, armatures in her arms that were custom made so that you can’t feel them. Her mouth is open and fits a pacifier or bottle. This particular little one has gone home to her mommy in France, and since then I have finished one other for a lovely mommy in the US. I’m currently working on the little boy version right now, as well as a  one of kind biracial baby boy that should be coming soon also. I’ve also had SO many people asking about how to paint a silicone baby that I am now selling pigments in the shop, and will be working on a tutorial on how I paint my silicone babies so that it lasts and does not peel or rub off.      You can see what’s available in the shop.   Much to come...

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