Baby Mia

My first Silicone Mini Baby has arrived!

Baby Cupcake

OOAK clay mini sculpt baby

Little Bean

My Sculpt Number 7

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Baby Mia - Silicone Mini

Mia is molded by myself with my husband doing the brunt work.  She is poured in the squishy soft platinum silicone Ecoflex 30 with no additives of any kind. She is so soft and . . .

Baby Cupcake - Clay Mini

Cupcake although sculpted in small scale, has been carefully sculpted to include little folds and creases little newborn babies have.  Every little detail was hand sculpted from polymer clay . . .

joys of moldmaking

Guess what?  I have a new silicone (cloth bodied) baby in the works. This is the fourth time molding this little one but I refuse to give her up. Here’s to hoping fourth times the charm!! Molding equals poor clay baby sculpt gets demolished every time....

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